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Brands and Bloggers don’t usually have the good fortune of knowing each other beyond an email conversation. This event provides the opportunity to network face to face and discuss opportunities for Blogger-Brand relationships while giving Bloggers an awards platform to celebrate their hard work and creativity.

Bloggers are the influencer’s for today’s holiday makers as they provide first hand insight into services, places and experiences that help holiday makers gain inspiration on where to go and what to see and do.

Bloggers write about real experiences and artfully create personal relationships with their followers through social media and responding to comments on their posts and direct emails send by their readers.

The aim of these prestigious awards is to help Brands get to know individual Bloggers personally so that they can create real relationships that can grow and lead to long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial.


Engage with Travel Bloggers

The Travel Blog Awards, in it's initial survey, has identified over 80 eligible Travel Bloggers based in South Africa.

Furthermore, these awards serve as a fundraising platform for conserving South Africa’s unique natural heritage. Proceeds from the event (after event expenses) go to the International Earth Organisation NPC 2004/026715/08 new high tech multi-media youth conservation education program.