Terms & conditions

Notice Message: By sponsoring the South African Travel Blog Awards you agree to the terms and conditions as listed below


  • The sponsoring company or brand will hereafter be referred to as “the sponsor”.
  • The organisation managing the funds, Connect Fund Grow, is hereafter referred to as “CFG”
  • The chosen charity (Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation), is hereafter referred to as “the charity”.
  • The South African Travel and Lifestyle Blog Awards Event Management, is hereafter referred to as “the event management”

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions:

  • The sponsoring company and Connect Fund Grow agree to work together to ensure complete payment of donations and proof of receipt as well as any certificates relating to said donation in partnership with the charity
  • The sponsor will receive branding exposure to the level of their sponsorship as laid out in this document.
  • The Event Management, reserve the right to adjust the sponsorship levels within reason should it be deemed necessary.
  • Should the sponsor have any concerns about the event, the management of funds raised, the charity or anything pertaining in any way to the South African Travel and Lifestyle Blog Awards during the duration of the awards (1 Feb 2016 to 18 June 2016), the sponsor undertakes to inform the event management immediately in the interest of reaching a satisfactory resolution timeously.
  • Complaints and queries can be directed to ebethtravelblogawardsteam@gmail.com or Janine@connectfundgrow.com.
  • The event organisers undertake to regard each question, concern or complaint seriously and communicate with all involved in a professional, helpful manner to ensure the maximum success of the South African Travel and Lifestyle Blog Awards and benefits relating to sponsorship.
  • Should the sponsor wish to withdraw from the event with no reasonable grievance and not having pursued all alternatives to resolve such a grievance, they will not receive any refund for their sponsorship and will be charged for the cost incurred to change all branding materials.
  • Any sponsor has the right to request a bank statement from CFG to ensure transparency. The statement will be provided within 2 days of written notice to CFG.
  • All parties specifically including, but not limited to the sponsor, the event management, CFG and the charity, agree to keep confidential all information given in a confidential manner and may not use any information received during the duration of the South African Travel and Lifestyle Blog Awards to negatively influence any brand, party or person or to damage their reputation in any way.
  • All parties reserve the right not to divulge certain sensitive information and to request that certain information remain confidential. CFG reserves the right to cancel all branding opportunities of the sponsor should the sponsor not pay or behave in a manner that is deemed inappropriate for the awards and/or brands involved in the event.
  • CFG will not be held liable for any promises made by the event management, bloggers, the charity or any other party involved in the South African Travel and Lifestyle Blog Awards for said sponsorship amount as its sole function is to receive, manage and dispense the funds.
  • The event management will not be held liable for any action of the bloggers, the charity, CFG or the sponsor that was not part of the agreement in the South African Travel Blog Awards 2016 presentation.

Payment Terms:
  • All sponsors will receive an invoice for the amount relevant to their level of sponsorship once they have signed the terms and conditions document which will be emailed to them.
  • Payment is due on receipt of invoice
  • It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure all billing information provided is correct in terms of Trading name, VAT number, contact details and address.
  • Connect Fund Grow banking details are provided on the invoice
  • Proof of payment can be sent to Janine@connectfundgrow.com
  • Once payment has been received, the sponsor logo will be uploaded to the website and other sponsorship benefits per the level of sponsorship as laid out in the 2016 South African Travel Blog Awards presentation will be available to the sponsor.
  • Connect Fund Grow and the event management reserve the right to withhold sponsorship benefits until full payment has been received.